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Enable staff & partners connect to your data, guide them along automated, multi-stage business process workflows

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  • Enable staff & partner collaboration and productivity for business

  • Seamlessly share task automation across your teams

  • Better controls to service requests, approvals, quality alerts and many decision making processes inside your business

  • Store data in a scalable and secure environment dynamically

We are a company of open source enablers that bring to market technologies to drive the use of AI, Big Data and Cloud.

We have been developing solutions like CRM, ERP, eShop etc for a long period. We are proud to support a variety of organizations and make them good. We would extend our know-how and share out expertise and experience to benefit others in business areas. Today, we are still striking for “Cloud Solutions . Service Excellence

Join us and make your company and business a better.

1,000+ accounts work with Laps Solutions and grow their businesses.

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