Cloud Backup Service

High speed . Flexible to expand

Easy to manage . Reliable to restore

Total encryption . Yearly plan choice

Annual Subscription Fee

starting at HK$216

Service includes 

  • 1 desktop or notebook computer backup agent software (compatible to Windows / Mac OS)  

  • cloud backup storage at Hong Kong data centre  

  • cloud service provided by Towngas Telecommunications (TGT)  

Cloud Backup Service
香港名氣通數據中心 香港法例保障

Service specials

  • Cloud backup storage at Towngas Telecommunications data centre; quality and reliable service; data protected by Hong Kong 香港 laws  

  • Strengthen data encryption, reliable restore  

  • Able to review previous file version and preserve the latest one  

  • Auto backup and scheduling

Cloud Backup Service Subscription Plans

Cloud Backup Starter

Cloud App and Cloud Storage

HK$ 216 .0

/ license / year
  • Agent app for Windows / Mac OS
  • 50G Cloud Storage
  • Cloud service provided by HK Data Center (Towngas Telecommunications)
  • SSL and 100% storage encryption

Cloud Security Superior

Cloud Backup App & Storage, and Cloud Security App

HK$ 98 .0

/ license / month
  • Cloud Backup Starter (Backup agent app for Windows / Mac OS)
  • Sophos Endpoint Protection Advanced & Central Intercept X
  • Sophos agent app for Windows / Mac OS
  • Sophos Centralized Platform for security management

More details from official website  

Cloud Backup services by Towngas Telecommunications

Security services by Sophos

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