2018 Year-end Promotion – Cloud Security Services 50% off

2018年特惠價HK$108 (原價 每年HK$216)

2018年特惠價HK$988 (原價 每年HK$1,176)

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How to order

Step 1. Fill in you contact details. The contact should be the person who handles this order. 
Step 2. Fill up the quantity of subscription license of any ordering items below.
Step 3. Submit this order form.

After we receive your information, we’ll contact you and send you an invoice for your payment by cheque or bank-in. For any question about an order, please contact us at our office hour (Mon-Fri 8am-8pm / Sat 8am-1pm)

步驟1. 填寫您的聯繫方式。 聯繫人應該是處理此訂單的人。
步驟2. 填寫以下任何訂購商品的訂購數量。
步驟3. 按鍵提交此訂單。

在我們收到您的信息後,我們會與您聯繫,並向您發送付款發票以通過支票或銀行存款。 有關訂單的任何問題,請在辦公時間(週一至週五上午 8點至晚上 8點 / 週六上午 8點至下午 1點)與我們聯繫。

Customer Service 客戶服務
Contact phone: 6297 5639
WhatsApps: 6297 5639
Email address: cs@laps.hk
WeChat: LapsHongKong

Service details  

Cloud Backup services by Towngas Telecommunications

Security services by Sophos