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Our Customer Helpdesk solution is a context-sensitive, multichannel customer support solution that allows your enterprise to anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions, improve customer experiences (CX), increase customer lifetime value and revenue, while improving customer support agent efficiency through game mechanics and smart automations.
It is no longer a traditional assembly line style of customer service. You are able to access your customer service via a single management portal and get in touch with your customers from multi channels: emails, website forms, live chats and social media. You will have greater controls on SLAs, automations, templates and canned responses in your customer service environment.

Our helpdesk management system streamlines all your customer conversations and messaging in a single place, automates workflows among helpdesk teams and agents, and helps collaboration between teams and parties to address the customer needs efficiently and effectively. It makes customer support simplified, faster and easier.

It can also be a self-service platform to both your customers and teams. You can now easily build and manage a customer knowledge base of FAQ, training videos, presentations and documents etc. to address customer inquiries.

The system default analytics and reporting tools capture and analyze customer support data effortlessly, and direct you towards actions to respond to customer needs. With integration into CRM, ERP, Online Shop and E-Commerce systems, as well as using AI and different Cloud API services, new business opportunities and insights can be identified and realized.

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