Business System in the Post Pandemic and New Normal World

We undoubtedly have to rethink both our lifestyle and working style today. COVID-19 speeds up the use of a number of new technologies in business. We are not saying to discard all tech we have already had right now, but we have to take actions to adopt new ways of doing things to adapt to the rapidly changing world.

We have been familiar with a number of “hot” ICT technologies in various areas: virtual meeting and conferencing, online shopping, AI, Machine Learning, Big Data etc. Human beings are making virtual life and work via the Internet. We are increasing our activities in Work From Anywhere or Home (WFA/WFH). We are doing much more e-Commerce activities online. We have to learn via virtual classrooms. Wherever we are at home or at work, we shift our activities to online.

As a company, an enterprise or organization leader, your work might have not been dependent much on technologies before. But you have to rethink how to adopt ICT at various levels now. It is a time to rebuild your business workflow and operation, and even you may have to change your business model.

Workflow and Automation

You have been familiar with CRM (Customer Resource Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Management) systems which help streamline your business workflow, understand your customer and business via data collected in the business environment. Behind most of business systems like CRM and ERP is database (DB) technology (or much precising to say it is a relational database) and DB has been used for many years. However, it is also a pain to a decision maker who would want to dig out worthy business intelligence and information from DB.

The good news to business leaders is because of the maturity of AI and machine learning technologies, you have some cost effective ways or tools to make data analytics, either riding on your traditional database architecture, or simply jumping to new technologies that you can use to understand the business better. Most AI, machine learning, Big Data technologies are open source. All you have to do is to spend time and resources with professionals to work out your plan.

Industry 4.0

As a manufacturer you are accessible to many new technologies to improve factory efficiency and production quality, to maximize production quantities and reduce the costs of production. IoT (Internet of Things) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) are hot topics to many plant managers. With real-time data collected via various types of sensors and robots during manufacturing processes, AI, machine learning and Big Data analytics tools can be used to output valuable information and reports which have never been achieved before via human beings or ERP systems. Business leaders are much easier to visualize and understand huge amounts of data and information of manufacturing processes for better decision making. It is also a time to empower traceability and controls of goods in Warehouse, Transport and Inventory management.

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