Production is hard, prototypes are easy.
21 March, 2021 by
Production is hard, prototypes are easy.
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"Production is hard, prototypes are easy ..." Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said.*

Nowadays, in addition to language learning in primary and secondary schools, learning STEM knowledge is also a core part of the school curriculum –– building prototypes is a way to learn STEM. Some people will say that Our City has not focused on production or manufacturing, and our education does not need STEM knowledge. It is sufficient to only learn accounting, finance and trade subjects. So far, we have been functioning well as a financial city.

The focus of STEM education is "Hands-On". Through practice by building various scales or levels of prototypes in the classroom learning process, students can master all aspects of the basic knowledge of related subjects. Like teenagers learning science through experiments, it cannot be replaced by online classes.

STEM education can stimulate the creativity of students. While studying in groups in class, students will discuss and learn with each other, and cooperate to complete their goals. STEM education can train them to become self-learners.

Adults can also regard STEM as the "Fourth" education. Like today's office clerk to investment bank consultant work requires how to use spreadsheets (such as Excel and Google Sheets), the basic skills to be competent for many jobs will require STEM knowledge. For example, in hospitals, when AI systems are being used to perform specialized medical diagnosis for patients, you cannot imagine that doctors or related professionals do not have the knowledge to use such equipment. In the near future, we must adapt to living and working in a society with common use of robots, artificial intelligence and many automated systems.

*Source : Twitter @elonmusk - Dec 31, 2020.

Image source : Wikimedia Commons


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