Application Programming

We shall ensure our customer business applications, systems and processes running properly around the clock.

We provide host-based, server-side and API (application programming interface) programming services.

We always deploy a high security environment to safeguard our customer assets by adopting different security measures in cloud facilities and systems – either those built and operated by Laps, or those provisioned by other cloud service providers.

Mobile & Web Apps

We are a non-traditional application developer: we strike a good balance on backend technical functionalities and quality frontend design, as well as excellent UX/UI. We believe only an easy-to-use, attractive and efficient tool that makes sense to business can bring benefits and profits to clients.

We make use of the latest collection of tools and technologies in web, mobile, and social media to power internet applications. Our focus is to help customers leverage cloud technologies to access scalable IT infrastructure, build and run apps that deliver great customer experience, and acquire e-commerce business opportunities at a positive return on investment.

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